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Why Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring has become popular with its wide array of color, design and pattern collection including replicas of all natural surfaces. Its durability, water resistance, scratch and stain resistance properties made it a perfect flooring option for almost all sites. Vinyl flooring provides the least expensive alternative over all other products despite of exclusive look and appearance. It fulfills interior design and aesthetic requirements at any site. Vinyl flooring product line brings vinyl tiles, vinyl planks and vinyl sheets. Every product possesses its own beauty and features.

Vinyl tiles – Vinyl tiles are generally square shaped and come in different sizes. Tiles give distinct symmetry to flooring patterns and design. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are the modern vinyl tile products designed to suit low to heavy traffic flooring requirements. LVTs imitate all the features of natural surfaces with advanced photographic technology. These tiles are durable and provide exotic look and feel. These tiles come with around 25 years warranty. LVTs have seized the modern flooring market for residential as well as commercial flooring.

Vinyl planks – Vinyl planks are rectangular shaped products which exactly mimic the wood flooring patterns. The vinyl planks are perfect flooring option for those who love wood flooring. The planks provide excellent wood flooring collection of almost all natural wood colors, designs and patterns. The moisture resistance property of vinyl planks overcomes the barriers of climatic conditions to provide wood flooring experience. Vinyl planks provide long lasting wood flooring that fits in your budget.

Vinyl sheets – Vinyl sheets are in the form of continuous rolls which are suitable for watery places. The installation of sheets prevents grooves, seams along the flooring and it helps preventing leakages. Vinyl sheets are widely used for bathroom and basement flooring. Another important and unique feature of vinyl sheets is their continuity to provide any random or creative designs which are not possible for tiles or plank products. Vinyl sheets are also preferred for large spaces like halls, conference rooms or living rooms where random designs offer spectacular flooring.

Choose Vinflor as Your Vinyl Flooring Installer

Vinflor is a one stop vinyl flooring services in Malaysia. We have a solid network of executives and technicians all over Malaysia to provide complete vinyl flooring services to our customers. The accurate and even flooring installation is very important to get long lasting flooring. We provide top quality vinyl flooring products along with perfect flooring installation and repair services. We help our customers to choose the best suitable product based on the site interiors, flooring requirements and budget. We provide the best quality vinyl products to provide the good returns on your investment. It is obvious that one might confuse choosing the right flooring option. At Vinflor, we provide all assistance right from choosing the vinyl flooring products to installation and repairs. Our executives also provide consultation, free home visit for survey and flooring estimates.

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Flooring Installation And Care Tips

How To Clean Vinyl Flooring

The cleaning and maintenance of vinyl flooring is quite easy. The regular swiping and sponge mopping the floor keeps the flooring clean and it looks fresh. But what if the food and other stains affect the look and appearance of the vinyl flooring, here are the methods of cleaning vinyl floor...

Know How To Remove Vinyl Floor Glue From Subfloor

One of the home renovation tasks is replacement of flooring. If you want to install new vinyl flooring and there exists earlier vinyl flooring, you can install new flooring over it if the old flooring is not damaged or tore out. But it raises the floor level. Besides this, if the adhesive of old flooring becomes....

Know How To Install Vinyl Flooring In Bathroom

Bathroom flooring needs to be excellent water resistant. Vinyl flooring with its superb water resistance properties provides the best flooring option for bathrooms. In order to avoid seams on the flooring and the water leakages thereof, sheet vinyl is strongly recommended for bathroom...

Leveling A Floor For Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring can be installed on wood, concrete or existing vinyl flooring. But it is essential to prepare the subfloor or base to get the even, smooth and beautiful vinyl flooring at the site. The preparation of subfloor mainly includes cleaning and making it smooth and leveled. If you are performing Do-It Yourself...