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Though there are plenty of flooring choices available on the market, the most common and preferred flooring for commercial is vinyl flooring. The versatile features of vinyl products make it perfect for almost all places including residential to commercial sites. Commercial places are high traffic areas like offices, retail shops, restaurants, cafeterias, banks, hospitals and many such places. Naturally, commercial flooring must be strong, stout and durable to withstand high volume traffic. Cleaning and maintenance is also one of the important concerns for commercial flooring. Vinyl flooring products provide excellent option for commercial flooring meeting all the requirements of commercial flooring. If you are looking for vinyl flooring for your retail store or cafe shop in Malaysia, Vinflor is a one stop shop for all your flooring requirements.

Choose Your Flooring Product

When you browse vinyl products for commercial flooring, there is a range of vinyl products available for selection. For choosing color, design and patterns, vinyl products offer numerous alternatives. These products are specially designed commercial grade products offering long lasting flooring. Most of the commercial vinyl products offer 20-25 years warranty. The range of commercial vinyl products include –

Vinyl Composite Tiles – These tiles contain vinyl surface with backing. These are low cost tiles but less durable. Hence, these tiles are generally preferred for moderate traffic areas.

Solid Vinyl Tiles – These non-backed tiles are made of plasticizes, stabilizers and vinyl resins that are stronger than used in composite tiles. These tiles are costlier than composite tiles but suit any commercial flooring with high traffic volumes.

Typically, 8 inch thick composite and solid vinyl tiles are used for commercial flooring.

Vinyl Sheet – It works as the best flooring option for many commercial applications as it provide seamless flooring. The edges of flooring are sealed carefully to avoid seepage. Sheets with thickness of 80 mils are used for commercial flooring.

Maintenance Of Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring lasts longer with its excellent durability but regular maintenance and care keeps it look fresh and clean for long time. Here are some tips for long lasting flooring –

  • To avoid discoloration of flooring – Keep mats at entrances to absorb dirt, dust particles. Use curtains to avoid direct sunlight effect on vinyl flooring. Clean flooring regularly to wash out robust grease, oil stains easily.
  • To prevent dullness of vinyl surface – The tiny particles of dirt, dust, sand act as a sand paper on vinyl flooring damaging its finish. Mop and keep flooring clean periodically and it helps protect surface polish from scratching. You can use commercial flooring sealers suitable to flooring product to protect finish layer.
  • To eliminate dents or scratches – Use of liquid seam fillers help remove smaller scratches and dents on the flooring.

Vinflor – Your Flooring Partner

Vinflor has long experience in installing commercial flooring at retail shops and other places. We provide a range of vinyl products to fulfill your flooring requirements. Just call our experts and relax. We are your flooring partner taking care of all flooring requirements right from estimation, consultation to installation and maintenance. Contact us at 016-2165601 for commercial flooring today!

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