Expert Industrial Vinyl Flooring Services

The requirements of industrial flooring differ from commercial and residential flooring. The industries need to deal with heavy traffic, push and pulls of heavy objects as well as harsh chemicals. The operation areas in industries need strong and durable flooring to deal with different conditions. Besides residential and commercial vinyl flooring, Vinflor has offered outstanding vinyl flooring products for industrial vinyl flooring. If you are looking for industrial flooring, you are right here with one of the leading vinyl flooring services in Malaysia. We provide top quality industrial flooring products and installation services.

Before and After - Anti Static Industrial Vinyl Flooring roll @ Vinflor.

Before and After – Anti Static Industrial Vinyl Flooring roll @ Vinflor.

Get To Know About Industrial Vinyl Flooring Products

Industrial flooring needs to be heavy duty and safe for different industries. Here are some commonly used industrial vinyl flooring products and other alternatives.

LVT and LVP – Luxury vinyl tiles and planks made of commercial grade are suitable for industrial flooring. The LVT and LVP with more than 40 mils wearing layers are used for commercial or industrial flooring.

Homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl sheets – Homogeneous sheets are made of one layer as a whole. Heterogeneous sheets are made of multiple layers.  These sheets are right for using chairs, tables and under floor heating.

A range of other industrial vinyl products include –

  • Static control vinyl sheets and tiles – These products come with around 1mm PVC wear layer. They resist static charge. These products are ideal for computer and server rooms in data centers, electronic industries etc.
  • Acoustic vinyl products – These sheets and tiles are backed with acoustic foam layer. These products provide superb sound insulation properties and durability.
  • Stud vinyl products – These sheets and tiles are embossed with different patterns. They provide stain and chemical resistance, anti-slip features. These products are fit for various industrial flooring applications including storage rooms, garages and workshops etc.
  • Vinyl products for wet areas – These products come with anti-slip studs and 1mm PVC wear layer. The fiber glass grid at the base brings strength and durability.

Besides these products, you will find a range of products made for specific industrial requirements like –

– Safety products made with silicon carbide particles

– Sports products made for volleyball, basketball courts, sports centers etc.

There are vinyl wall covering products available on the market. This wide range of industrial flooring products provide strong, long lasting flooring for various industrial sites.

Let Us Know Your Flooring Necessities

Vinflor offers a range of vinyl products made for industrial flooring. Let us know your industry requirements and we will provide complete flooring services for you. If you are not sure about the exact requirements, we can help you choose the best flooring at your site. We have a wide network of experts across Malaysia to provide quality flooring services. Call us at 016-2165601 for site visit. Our technician visits your site for consultation, free estimates and sample products. Have a look at our online store for top quality industrial vinyl flooring products. Contact us to book your appointment. Avail professional and quick vinyl flooring installation services.

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