How To Install Vinyl Flooring On Stairs

For many homes, stairs are important part of interiors. If there is vinyl flooring in the home, many homeowners prefer to expand the flooring to stairs as it not only enhances the interior with cohesive flooring but also helps maintain cleanliness in the home. Vinyl flooring is least expensive flooring and easy to install at any place. If you want to install vinyl flooring on stairs, here is a detailed procedure to assist you in the process.

Choose The Right Product For Stair Flooring

Vinyl flooring provides many options for stair flooring. You can choose vinyl tiles, vinyl planks or sheet as per design requirements and budget. There are different installation methods depending on the product you choose for flooring. Many vinyl flooring products come with adhesive backing. Some products come with tongues and groves to fit into one another. Vinyl sheets are continuous and cut into pieces according to requirements. Many homeowners choose vinyl tiles to install on stairs. But vinyl sheets are ideal if the flooring is to be wrapped along the edges. So, first step is to choose the right vinyl products for stair flooring installation.

Planning and Measuring

Installing flooring on stairs need careful planning and measuring. Otherwise you can end up with odd pieces of tiles in the design or some awkward slices of tiles at the edge of stairs. To avoid such asymmetry or weaknesses in installation, plan the installation and measure the dimensions correctly before starting actual installation. Design the layout and start centering it on the stairs. So, you can cut pieces as needed to align at the edges of the stairs.

Installation Process

The installation process is same for vinyl flooring at any site. It starts with preparation of subfloor or underlayment. Check the leveling of the sub floor or you can use sealing to cover screws or joints on the stairs. Once you prepare the sub floor or underlayment with perfect level and smooth surface, cleaning the flooring is very important to remove all dust, debris etc. If you choose glue-down vinyl products, apply the glue on the surface. Use trowel to make the level and even coat of glue and paste the vinyl tile. For self-stick vinyl products, just peel off the coating and lay down the tile according to design layout. Press the tile on the ground to remove air bubbles.

With vinyl sheet, the installation can be initiated at the base of the stairs where vertical edge meets to the ground, working upward. It can be installed continuous to get fantastic consistent look that fuses with the room flooring.

Whatever type of vinyl flooring you choose; it certainly gives consistent, pleasing interior and easy to clean flooring.

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