How to Install Vinyl Flooring – Installation Guide

If you have chosen vinyl flooring at your home, you can go for do-it-yourself (DIY) project to reduce your flooring costs. Almost all vinyl flooring products come with adhesive backing and it makes vinyl flooring easier to install at the site. No need to have an expertise or experience in flooring installation but you should know the exact procedures and careful installation to get the desired beautiful flooring. Here is the detailed procedure and things you should know while installing vinyl flooring.

Prepare Sub-floor For New Installation

The first and most important process is to prepare floor before installing new flooring. Vinyl flooring can be installed on any type of subfloor but it should be properly leveled and free from any debris. Though some vinyl products facilitate installation directly on existing flooring, it is preferred to install on sub floor or underlayment. So, the preparation process goes like this –

  • Remove existing / old flooring using scraping tools. Apply horizontal pressure to avoid dents on sub-floor.
  • Check level of subfloor. If it is not damaged, there is no need to do anything. If there are holes or despaired surface, fill the holes and replenish the level using filler products.
  • Clean the surface so that all debris, wood pieces, dust etc. can be removed. You can mop the floor and use vacuum cleaner to assure thorough cleaning of flooring.
  • Measuring and planning is the last step in preparation of floor and after that you can start installation. Measure the room dimensions to estimate number of tiles/ planks required and plan the installation process to assure symmetry and aesthetics of flooring.

Installation Of Vinyl Flooring

Once the floor is prepared for installation, start installing tiles or planks taking following care –

  • Lay the flooring parallel to the longest run. If the room is 10x14ft. , start installing the planks or tiles parallel the wall of 14ft.
  • Start installation from the left side of the room to right.
  • Peel off the coating to reveal sticky side of the board, place its back end against the wall.
  • Fixing the back end of the board on the floor, slowly roll down the plank or tile on to the floor. This technique avoids formation of air pockets and gives even flooring.
  • Press the board on the ground with your hands.
  • Most of the vinyl products provide a lip, a small protrude on one side. Fix the successive tile on the top of the lip so that it fits like a puzzle.
  • If you are installing vinyl planks, do not forget the stagger the lengths for beautiful look and appearance of the flooring.
  • Trimming and molding is the last process which gives finished look to your flooring. Fix the door jams by molding to the original places.

This completes the installation process. However, do not forget the following exercise for excellent, durable and perfect flooring installation –

  • Read and follow manufacturer instructions for flooring
  • For corners, curves and odd dimensions, it may need to cut the pieces. Measure these pieces carefully before cutting them.
  • Check every board is even before installation.

No doubt, careful installation ends with a pleasing vinyl flooring at any site.

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