How To Install Vinyl Tiles Over Vinyl Floor

If you are going for new vinyl flooring on the existing old vinyl flooring, there is no need to remove the existing flooring. The old vinyl products had asbestos as one of the components which makes the removal of the flooring unsafe. But, you can prepare this old flooring for new installation and get it done perfectly. The process of installation is very much similar with little changes needed for preparing flooring for installation. The process goes like this –

Whether you are installing self-stick vinyl tiles or other products, it is essential to prepare surface of the flooring so that it can stick to it flawlessly. So, the first step in preparing flooring is cleaning.

  • Cleaning – It removes all dust, debris and grease to ensure flawless fixing of vinyl flooring. Take 3 tablespoons of dish washing liquid or similar de-greasing product and add it to 1 gallon or approximately 3.5-4 liter water. Scrub the floor surface with this solution, rinse it thoroughly and let it dry for 8-10 hours. After cleaning, you can go for underlayment which eliminates other preparation processes or you can follow the preparation process.
  • Stripping – All vinyl products come with smooth, shiny urethane coating. No adhesive sticks on this surface. That is why; it is essential to remove this layer using chemical floor stripper. You can get it at any flooring or home improvement store. Spread the stripper on the floor and wait for 2/3 minutes. Now, scrub the floor with plastic scrubbing pad. To be safe, do it wearing rubber gloves in your hand. Rinse the floor with clean water and let it dry.
  • Roughing up the surface – The process is referred as scarifying and it helps adhesive to paste with the surface in a better way. Do not use floor sander equipment as it can damage the floor. A pole sander works better to scarify the surface slightly. Clean all the sanding dust and you can proceed for the next step leveling of the surface.
  • Leveling – Use leveler compound to fill all depressions and cracks on the floor. The filler is available in powder form or ready to use solution. Apply it in the area and smoothen the surface with flat edged trowel. Just hold it at 45 degree angle with the floor and push it. The work must be done quickly as the compound starts drying within 10 minutes. After leveling, you can start installation after 24 hours.
  • Underlayment – You can exclude stripping, scarifying/ roughing up and leveling processes choosing underlayment alternative. Underlayment is thin plywood available in flooring stores. Once the floor is cleaned, you can lay underlayment removing baseboards. It provides a ready to install, smooth and flawless surface.
  • Installing vinyl tiles – To install vinyl tiles, first mark the center point of both opposite walls. Draw the lines across the center points of opposite walls. This gives four equal parts of the room. Start from the center point so that the cut pieces will be along the side of the walls. Peel of the paper backing of self-stick tiles or apply adhesive and start fixing tiles in one of the four parts of the flooring. The tiles along the wall will need to cut into pieces. Cut it measuring exact dimensions. Repeat the process in all four partitions to complete the installation.

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