Know How To Remove Vinyl Floor Glue From Subfloor

One of the home renovation tasks is replacement of flooring. If you want to install new vinyl flooring and there exists earlier vinyl flooring, you can install new flooring over it if the old flooring is not damaged or tore out. But it raises the floor level. Besides this, if the adhesive of old flooring becomes bristle over time, it becomes loose and affects new flooring. Thus, removing old flooring is quite preferable for new installation but it is a difficult time consuming job. Even if the vinyl is removed in strips, flooring shows stubborn unsightly patches of glue. It must be removed in order to have long lasting new flooring. Here are some methods you can follow to deal with glue stuck on the subfloor and get back the clean subfloor without damaging it.

Removing glue from Hardwood Subfloor

Hardwood subfloor is porous and absorbs adhesive. If this glue is not removed, it can chemically react with the new flooring and it results in discoloration of new flooring. While removing the vinyl, you can use heat gun to soften the glue and it eases the removal process. Scrape away the adhesive/ glue as much as possible when it is soft. You can use boiling water and spray it on small area to make the glue soft and remove it. Do not pour a bucket of hot water at a time but clean small areas. Now, apply sand paper to remove if there are any stubborn spots of glue. Let the floor dry completely. You can also use chemical solvents available on the market but hardwood can absorb these chemicals.

Removing Glue From Concrete Subfloor

For concrete subfloor, use heat gun to soften the glue and remove it with scraper. Another way is pouring mixture of water and dish soap on the floor and let the glue absorb it to become soft. Now, remove it using scraper. Chemical solvent products can also be used to remove stubborn glue.

In case of plywood underlayment, old vinyl flooring can be removed along with the plywood subfloor. In that case, you can explore original subfloor but need to reinstall underlayment for new installation.

For removing glue from subfloor, scraper is the main tool used in the process. There are different types/ models of scrapers used to remove the glue. These scrapers are –

Hand scraper – This is the simplest model of scraper that comes with metal blade mounted on its handle.

Power scraper – It is a small walk-behind machine and provides the fastest way of removing glue from the floor. You can rent this machine from rental stores.

Reciprocating saw – Reciprocating saw can be equipped with Spyder scraper to get the best out of it. This tool works on all types of surfaces and can remove dried adhesive efficiently.

Using these methods, you can remove all unsightly glue from the subfloor making it clean and ready for new installation. Of course, you need to check leveling and other preparation for new installation.

If you are struggling with the stubborn glue or you need help for new installation, call the leading vinyl flooring services in Malaysia. Contact us at 016-2165601.

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