How To Install Vinyl Flooring In Bathroom

Bathroom flooring needs to be excellent water resistant. Vinyl flooring with its superb water resistance properties provides the best flooring option for bathrooms. In order to avoid seams on the flooring and the water leakages thereof, sheet vinyl is strongly recommended for bathroom flooring. The easy installation of vinyl flooring facilitates homeowners to take on the Do-It Yourself project for vinyl flooring installations. If you are installing vinyl flooring in the bathroom, here are the detailed instructions and tips to have up to mark, long lasting bathroom flooring.

Installing Sheet Vinyl Flooring In Bathroom

The things all you need while installing vinyl sheet include trowel, measuring tape, pry bar, adhesive and sheet vinyl. Generally, rotovinyl sheet is preferred for bathroom flooring because of its ease of installation. Rotovinyl sheet comes in two types – felt backing which needs adhesive on entire floor while vinyl backing type of sheet needs adhesive only along the seams and perimeter.

  • Clean and prepare the floor – Vacuum clean the floor or you can wash it with ammonia solution to remove grease or other debris. Vinyl can be installed on existing vinyl flooring or linoleum. In that case, if the flooring is smooth and even, you can install new flooring assuring smooth surface. Use embossed leveler to get smooth and leveled surface. Otherwise, underlayment is installed to prepare subfloor.
  • Fit vinyl flooring using installation kit or template – This is the simplest method of installing bathroom flooring. Use builder paper or thick paper or roofing felt to create template for flooring. Lay the paper on the floor and mask it with the tape. Now, trim the paper with utility knife leaving 1/8” gap along the walls, pipes and commode. Add another sheet of paper and repeat the procedure to strengthen the template structure. Now, remove the template carefully.
  • Cutting vinyl sheet – Unroll the vinyl sheet in a clear room and place the template on it. Mark the area with washable marker. In case of patterned flooring, check the desired layout before marking the area. Now, cut the vinyl using sharp utility knife carefully.
  • Fix the vinyl – Place the cut vinyl sheet in bathroom sliding under door jambs, casing etc. If you need seem over old flooring, cut the new vinyl at least 6” extra along each side. Once you place the sheet in the position, fold the half flooring upside and apply compatible adhesive using trowel. Follow the manufacturer instructions for applying adhesive. Now, lay back the vinyl sheet slowly and press firmly to fuse with adhesive. Repeat the same procedure for remaining half of vinyl sheet.
  • Bonding seams and finishing – Bond the seams using seam sealer product. Or you can apply caulk around the edges and commode. Follow the product instructions while bonding the seams. Clean the flooring if there are any spills of adhesive but do not wash the flooring for next three days. This helps vinyl bond with subfloor with adhesive. Let the adhesive dry in next 24 hours and then you can place the furniture and appliances in the bathroom.

This completes the installation of bathroom flooring. If you need any help for bathroom flooring installation, do not hesitate to call Vinflor experts at 016-2165601. We are here to provide all assistance in vinyl flooring installations.

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