Leveling A Floor For Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring can be installed on wood, concrete or existing vinyl flooring. But it is essential to prepare the subfloor or base to get the even, smooth and beautiful vinyl flooring at the site. The preparation of subfloor mainly includes cleaning and making it smooth and leveled. If you are performing Do-It Yourself vinyl flooring installation, you must know how to prepare subfloor or level it to get the flooring done perfectly. Let’s see how to level a floor for vinyl flooring installation.

Leveling A Floor Before Installation Of New Flooring

What Do You Need For Leveling?

Vinyl flooring products are easy to install and one can install it at own. However, the most important part in the installation is the process of preparing the floor for installation. The leveling of floor needs different equipment like straight edge or straight pipe, sander, trowel, 30grit sand paper, self- leveling compound. The concrete subfloor needs additional equipment like concrete grinder instead of sander and sand paper and latex primer solution.

Checking the Level

Check the surface for dips, pits or even level. Use straight edge, pipe and place it on the floor. If it shows gaps, the flooring is not leveled. Move the straight edge along the floor and mark the uneven areas to level it.

Leveling Wood Subfloor

Clean the surface thoroughly to remove all dust and debris. Apply sander with 30 grid sand paper on the uneven marked area to settle down high points up to the level. Once the high points are removed, use self-leveling compound to make up dips in the subfloor. Mix the solution and pour it into the dips. It levels itself; just spread it across the surface with a trowel. Let this compound dry in 24 hours.

Leveling Concrete Subfloor

For concrete subfloor, you can level the marked uneven area using concrete grinder. You can use 4” or 8” angle grinder with cup wheel attachment for grinding down the high points. Commercial grinders are also used where large grinding work is needed. Remember to wear respirator while grinding the concrete surface. The dust mask does not offer sufficient protection against concrete dust. Once the high points are grinded, you can apply self-leveling compound on dips in the concrete surface. The concrete surface needs to apply latex primer to bind the self-leveling compound with the concrete. You can apply it with brush or with paint roller. Now, pour the compound into dips and level it to surrounding surface using trowel. Allow the compound dry and fuse with the subfloor.

Whether the subfloor is wooden or concrete, once the leveling process is complete, clean the surface again to remove dust and debris released in the leveling process. Now, you will certainly get smooth, even surface ready for new flooring installation.

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