Vinyl Tiles VS Ceramic Tiles

Comparison between vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles boasts that vinyl tiles are replicating almost all types of flooring products on the market. The advancement in the technology of luxury vinyl tiles helped develop exact products like real products. If you are comparing different flooring products to choose one, this comparison between vinyl tiles and ceramic tiles will help you assess these products.


Vinyl Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Options For Selection

Vinyl tiles provide limitless designs, patterns including natural surfaces. LVT are customizable to provide unique look.Ceramic tiles provide collection of colors and designs.


LVTs are very easy to install with self-stick products. It does not need many tools and sound knowledge/ experience. The tiles need to be placed carefully and fixed for perfect flooring. One can do it at own.Ceramic tiles are bit difficult to install and it is messy, time consuming task. It needs to be installed carefully with proper grouting and setting the mortar correctly otherwise tiles separate, get loose and crack over time.

Durability and Stability

LVTs are hard and durable. They are suitable for heavy duty commercial applications. LVTs possess degree of flex which help absorb and dissipate force from heavy objects.Ceramic tiles are hard and durable. If installed properly, it has excellent stability as environmental changes do not impact on ceramic tiles. So, it does not contract or expand. But as there is no flex, there are more chances of cracks and damages because of heavy objects.

Removal and Repair

LVTs are easy to remove and repair similar to its easy installation process.Removing ceramic tiles is as messy as installing the tiles. It creates a lot of fine dust which is very difficult to clean. The repairing of ceramic tiles is tedious, time consuming job. Even replacement of two/ three tiles need mixing and setting of mortar, grout, power tools, large hammer etc.


The application of vinyl tiles spans a wide array of sites including heavy traffic commercial places, sports flooring to in-house settings.Ceramic tiles can be installed in homes and high moisture places but they are little slippery to install in bathrooms.


Vinyl tiles are not only less expensive than ceramic tiles but also provide superb features like durability, realistic look and feel etc.Ceramic tiles are expensive than vinyl tiles.

Recycling- Environmental Effects

Vinyl tiles can be recycled and even they are made of recyclable materials. Removal of vinyl tiles does not produce dust and debris as produced in removing ceramic tiles.Ceramic tiles are difficult to remove and generally removed smashing it into pieces which can be used in landfills. It is not feasible to remove every tile carefully (and still may not be possible to remove complete piece of tile). The crushed ceramic tiles produce toxic harmful dust.

All these differences between vinyl tiles and ceramic tiles reveal the exceling features of vinyl tiles over ceramic tiles. If you want to know more about vinyl flooring, contact Vinflor experts at 016-2165601 and we will answer all your queries.