Vinyl Flooring Vs Laminate Flooring

When we are looking for new wood flooring to install, there are many modern wood flooring products with superb properties that surpass solid wood flooring. Among various flooring alternatives, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are the most popular choices. However, it is essential to assess these two options based on requirements, climatic conditions, and budget in order to select the most suitable flooring. This article talks about comparison of vinyl flooring and laminate flooring elaborating their qualities and this will definitely help customers to make better decision.

Vinyl Or Laminated Floor?

If you are looking for exclusive color, pattern and combinations, vinyl and laminate flooring provide equal alternatives to find the best matching design and color products to the variety of interiors. So, you need to check the products based on their properties. Here are some main differences in these two flooring products based on high quality laminate flooring and high end vinyl products or luxury vinyl tiles



Vinyl Flooring

Laminated Flooring


Vinyl flooring is also strong and durable and most of its high end products come with 25 years warranty.Laminated flooring has a multi-layered structure which makes it harder and more durable naturally. So, laminate flooring usually comes with the warranty of around 30 years.


The price of products rises according to quality and durability. So, it is up to your budget to choose specific product comparing other properties.The price of products rises according to quality and durability. So, it is up to your budget to choose specific product comparing other properties.

Sunlight Effect, Flame Exposure and Staining

Vinyl flooring is resilient and fades over time when comes in contact with direct sunlight. Some LVTs are prone to staining and can be damaged when exposed to flames.Laminate flooring is not affected by sunlight and hence remains intact for long time. It has superb stain resistance properties. The limited flame exposure does not damage laminate flooring.

Moisture Resistance

Vinyl flooring is superior when compared for moisture resistance property. It has excellent moisture resistance properties hence, it can be installed at any place including bathroom, basement etc.Laminated flooring has some moisture resistance but in case of watery areas, it can cause leaking of water through groves into laminate flooring causing swelling, damaging and generation of mold and mildew in the flooring. So, laminate flooring is not suitable for watery places, bathrooms etc.


Self-stick vinyl flooring is best stable and is not vulnerable to extreme temperature changes. Click tiles are stable but can be affected because of extreme weather changes.Laminated flooring is mush stable because of its harder structure.

Touch And Comfort

Vinyl luxury tiles come with cushioning and provide warmth and comfort.Laminated flooring is made of wood contents and thicker than vinyl hence, it provides warmer touch and more comfort than vinyl.

Look and Resale Value

 Vinyl flooring mimics wood surface but has considerably low resale value.Laminated flooring is certainly approaching to natural wood surfaces with its structure. Hence, it has enhanced look and feel and offers good resale value to homeowners.