Bathroom Vinyl Flooring – The Best Alternative For Bathroom Flooring

Are you looking for bathroom flooring installation? Choosing flooring for brown-vinyl-flooring-bathroom2bathroom has different concerns than choosing flooring for other rooms or places in home. Often homeowners want elegant and nice flooring like hardwood, slate flooring etc. However, bathroom flooring needs certain features to withstand with watery, steamy environment. Hardwood and porous stone flooring do not meet these requirements and in fact they are expensive to fit in the budget.

Vinyl flooring has come ahead as a solid solution to provide satisfactory flooring alternatives for homeowners. It offers elegance and modern look, sturdy water resistance features essential for bathroom and still provides a cost effective alternative. These features have made vinyl flooring a popular flooring alternative for bathroom. Vinflor in Malaysia comes with a range of vinyl flooring products specially designed and developed for bathroom flooring.

While Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Besides, luxury and comfort, bathroom flooring needs to be moisture resistant, stain resistant and skid resistant. Vinyl flooring possesses all these features. One of the great features in the view of selection is its wide range of colors, patters and designs including wood, stone and other natural surfaces. If you are choosing vinyl flooring for your bathroom, here are some tips that will definitely help you to decide the best flooring of your choice.

  • Choose thicker vinyl flooring –With thicker surface, you can choose textured surface replicating wood or stone flooring. The thicker vinyl is strong and durable to withstand bathroom wearing.
  • Vinyl sheets are better than vinyl tiles – Choosing vinyl tiles, you can do mix and match patterns giving stunning look to bathroom flooring. However, vinyl sheets also provide various random designs and patterns that can give amazing effects. Vinyl sheets are better alternatives for bathroom as they are seamless and protect sub floor from water seepage. The sides of sheet can be blocked properly to protect subfloor from damages. Tiles may lead to seepage at their joints over time.
  • Prefer matte and rough surfaces – Bathrooms are slippery with water, shampoo spills. For safety of kids and to prevent skidding, avoid glossy and smooth surface flooring. The matte and rough finish flooring is preferred in bathroom.
  • Modern bathroom trends – If you want to install some trendy stylish bathroom flooring, mosaic effect, multicolored vinyl flooring products are in. Mosaic pattern can set the ambiance you like in the bathroom. The soft hues and combinations offer relaxing atmosphere while bold color patterns provide modern, energetic look and feel. The patterns made of smaller mosaic tiles give illusion of bigger bathroom.

Whatever vinyl flooring you choose for bathroom, it is very easy to clean and maintain vinyl flooring. You can just mop it and it will look clean and fresh.

Realize Your Bathroom Flooring Ideas With Vinflor

You just tell us your ideas and preferences for vinyl bathroom flooring and we have plenty of alternatives to choose the best bathroom flooring. Vinflor brings a range of bathroom flooring by the best brands on the market. We provide quality bathroom flooring products, consultation and vinyl floor installation services. If you need any advice or services for bathroom flooring, call us at 016-2165601 without hesitation.

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