Vinyl Flooring Installation Tools and Accessories

If you have decided to go for DIY project for vinyl flooring installation, the first thing you must ensure that you have all the tools and accessories with you for the perfect flooring installation. Even if you know the installation procedure very well, it is equally important that how to do it with the right equipment to get the best results. Here is the list of equipment that you should collect before the installation process and your project will be easier and accurate as you expected it.

  • Measuring Tape

The basic and in fact need not mention about this tool that is measuring tape. Measuring and planning are crucial steps in flooring installation. It helps in measuring length and width of the room and estimate flooring product requirements and how to fit the flooring matching the product dimensions into room dimensions.

  • Carpenter’s Square

This is another measuring tool essential in flooring installation. It helps in measuring sizes of vinyl tiles/ planks and checking adjacent lines of tiles or planks are at right angles (90 degrees). So, any unbalanced squares can be adjusted accordingly.

  • Adhesive

In case you are using glue down tiles or planks, you need to make provision of quality adhesive product for perfect fusion of vinyl flooring with subfloor or underlayment. Make sure that the type of product you are using is compatible with vinyl product. It is recommended to choose thin spread formula. It dries faster and easier to clean in case of any spills. Many adhesive products claim about drying in 24 hours but for long lasting flooring, it is preferred to let it dry and blend together for around next 48 hours.

  • Utility Knife

You need to cut vinyl into pieces or its corners while adjusting the sizes of tiles as per room dimensions or space requirement. You can choose simple retractable knife or you can buy knife with multiple blades that allow cutting various surfaces. Choose one with angled blade as it offers better control in cutting vinyl edges. You will get utility knife at cheap price but remember if you are going for big installation project, go for high quality utility knife which can last longer.

  • Roller

Floor roller is required in the last stage of installation. When the adhesive and vinyl tile need to be pressed together, roller ensures strongly bonded and evenly balanced flooring. You can find many floor roller models on the market but choose one that is certainly useful with its convenience and comfort. The roller with rubber gripper that gives support to your hands is effective for rolling operation. Additionally, find the model with detachable wheel. This model is easier to transport and store at any place.

This set of tools and accessories is good enough to carry out the flawless vinyl flooring installation at any site.

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