Decorate Your Kitchen With Vinyl Flooring

Kitchens are the places where a lot of food preparation activities go on and in the view of flooring; one should consider all the mess that can happen in kitchen. The flooring in kitchen must handle all the things like spills of hot and cold beverages, stains, falling of dishes or glasses etc. It is essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in kitchen. Obviously, vinyl flooring provides the best flooring products for kitchen flooring with its excellent features. If you are looking for vinyl flooring for kitchen, get to know about various kitchen flooring ideas from experts at Vinflor, a renowned vinyl flooring services in Malaysia.

Why Is Vinyl Flooring Ideal For Kitchen?

Kitchen flooring must provide a clean, hygienic and fresh ambiance. There can be spill of various food items, beverages which may create stains on the floor and it will not only give dirty look but also make it unhygienic. The fall of dishes, glasses can create scratches or damage kitchen flooring. All these facts indicate that the kitchen flooring must be scratch resistant, stain resistant, moisture resistant and easy to clean. All these characteristics are available in vinyl flooring.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Besides this functionality, it also meets all aesthetics, look and appearance expectations. If you want a look of wooden, stone or other flooring, you can choose it from a variety of vinyl flooring products. Here are some ideas and trends for kitchen flooring –

  • Wood vinyl flooring – Wood vinyl flooring suits any room in the house. It looks fantastic in any kitchen. You can choose any dark to light wood vinyl for kitchen as per other interiors and it really looks beautiful.
  • For small kitchens – If the walls painted are in any light color and kitchen is small, combination of grey and black vinyl flooring brings an excellent visual effect. Or you can choose light color tiles with tiny or intricate designs and it makes your kitchen look larger.
  • For large kitchen area – You can choose dark color tiles or vinyl products with bold or large patterns. This selection makes your kitchen look smaller and feel cozier.
  • If you have an artistic flair – You can go for mosaic patterns and combinations to realize your ideas and have unique flooring.

The type of finish layer or quality of vinyl flooring can be determined based on your budget criteria. The low budget no-wax vinyl flooring also suits kitchen flooring but in that case you need to take care while moving heavy articles in kitchen. Otherwise, you can choose robust urethane coating tiles or sheets for kitchen flooring.

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