Have A Unique And Personalized Living Room Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooring malaysia at living room

vinyl flooring malaysia at living room

Are you looking for flooring alternatives for living room? Living room is the important place in your home where
all family members meet and
spend their time. It can be called a social place as your guests and friends mostly visit your living room. It is a mirror of your home and showcases your personality with its interior decorated with personal tastes and preferences. The assortment of many excellent properties of vinyl flooring has made it a popular choice of flooring for homes and other sites. It is ideal for almost all rooms and places in the home including living room. We can help you choose the best vinyl flooring for living room. Vinflor brings the best quality vinyl flooring products designed for living rooms

Splendid Alternatives And Ideas of Vinyl Flooring for Living Room

When you choose vinyl flooring for your living room, there are literally hundreds of options to choose your favorite flooring. Vinyl flooring products help you get unique and personalized flooring at the living room. Let’s explore these alternatives –

Composite and solid vinyl products

These vinyl products are made of different layers. Especially, tile and vinyl plank flooring are composite products. The consistency in materials helps maintain color and look in long run.

Printed Vinyl Products

These products bring limitless designs and patterns as any design can be printed on the surface layer. It can imitate stone or natural wood designs or any random or creative designs. Typically, vinyl sheet products are printed products. The large living room spaces can have magnificent look with printed vinyl products.

Textured Vinyl Products

The modern manufacturing processes have achieved fantastic textured vinyl products which not only look like real surfaces but also provide that touch and feel. The grained wood surface or cleft stone surface brings 3D look and feel and amazing visual effect to your living room.

Color And Patterns

The selection of color and pattern greatly depends on the architectural and interior features of the living room along with your personal choices. If you are overwhelmed with a huge variety, professionals can guide you to choose the best one.

Besides these factors, selection of different designs and patterns like pebbles, faux leather or wood gives wonderful living room flooring. Mopping the flooring regularly helps maintain clean and fresh look. Vinyl flooring is also suitable for homes with kids or pets. Low maintenance and durability of vinyl endure in all conditions like spilling water or other beverages, scratching toys and other things on floor etc.

Just A Single Call For Beautiful Living Room Flooring

If you want to install living room flooring in your home, Vinflor is just a call away from you. Browse our online store or call our expert to have quality vinyl flooring that expresses your personality and adds beauty to your living room. We are here to help you in every aspect of living room flooring right from estimation, selection to installation. Contact us at 016-2165601 and get it done quickly.

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