Vinyl Flooring Pros And Cons

Think about flooring and you will find many flooring products on the market. Among this range of flooring products, vinyl flooring has gained a huge popularity around the globe. Vinyl flooring surpasses other products like wood, stone, ceramic tiles and other flooring alternatives with its versatile features. But as it is said that you cannot expect everything together, vinyl flooring also comes with wonderful benefits but has some drawbacks. This article talks about both sides of vinyl flooring and explores its beneficial features as well as drawbacks.

Pros Of Vinyl Flooring

When it comes about vinyl flooring advantages, there is a list of excellent features offered by vinyl flooring.


Vinyl flooring offers durable flooring for all sites with low to heavy traffic areas. There is a variety of vinyl products designed for residential and commercial sites. The heavy duty vinyl flooring products come with around 20 year’s warranty.

Soft, Comfortable And Ideal For Any Site

Vinyl flooring gives warm, soft and comfortable underfoot touch. It is ideal for installation at almost any site/ room including basement, bathroom, kitchen or offices and commercial areas. Vinyl flooring possesses many useful features like anti-scratch, water and stain resistance properties that make it suitable for all sites.

Abundant Alternatives For Selection

Vinyl flooring literally provides hundreds of colors, designs, patterns and textured products for selection. Whether you love wood flooring, natural stone flooring or other flooring designs, vinyl flooring does not disappoint you.


Despite of style, comfort and durability, Vinyl flooring is cost effective flooring option. It is affordable flooring as compared to wood, stone and other flooring products on the market. This feature makes it a widely preferred flooring option.

Easy Installation

This is one of the important features of vinyl flooring. The installation of vinyl flooring is easiest than other flooring. Most of the vinyl products come with self-stick backing. Even one can go for DIY project with adhesive backing vinyl tiles. Besides this, it can be installed on any existing flooring including wood, concrete or vinyl. It is also easy to repair vinyl flooring damages.

Minimal Maintenance

With stain and water resistance, vinyl flooring provides the best flooring with minimal need of maintenance. The cleaning of flooring can be done simply by mopping it periodically to keep it clean and bright. If there are any spills or stains, it can be removed easily.

Cons Of Vinyl Flooring

There are some drawbacks of vinyl flooring but some of these have minimized over time.

Discharge of VOCs

Vinyl products are made of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride. When it is newly installed, it releases VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which can affect air quality at any place. However, emergence of green, eco-friendly technologies has improved vinyl products with minimal use of PVC.

Movement of Heavy Articles

Movement of heavy articles can cut or scratch the flooring. Floor runners can help protect vinyl flooring while moving heavy articles at any site.

Preparation of Sub-floor

While installing vinyl flooring, preparation of sub-floor can be lengthy process if the sub-floor has pits and rolls or many imperfections. In case, it may need to refurbish entire sub-floor. However; in most of the cases minor leveling works better for preparation of sub-floor.

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