Budget Friendly Vinyl Flooring Rolls

Vinyl flooring has become a popular flooring option these days. It has vinyl wood rollsstood on all tests of flooring qualities expected for a wide variety of flooring applications. Vinyl flooring comes in three basic forms or types such as tiles, planks and sheets. Vinyl sheets are available in roll forms. These vinyl flooring rolls are preferred by contractors, flooring suppliers and for large flooring applications. Vinyl sheets are cut from the roll to fit the specific flooring requirements. However, typical vinyl sheets come in 6 ft. to 12 ft. sizes. If you are looking for vinyl flooring rolls for installation at large spaces, Vinflor Malaysia is the right place to get a wide variety of vinyl rolls and installation services at one place.

About Vinyl Rolls

Usually vinyl rolls come in 12Ft. width and endless lengths. There are boundless designs and patterns seen in vinyl rolls as you can get it in sheet forms. It includes natural wood, stone, slate, intrinsic designs to any random patterns. The continuous form of vinyl rolls facilitates manufacturers to realize creative, unique designs for vinyl rolls. That is why; vinyl sheets or rolls are preferred to get a stunning, unique flooring appearance. Vinyl roll is the most economical vinyl flooring product for any site. Especially, large installations like halls, basements, corporate offices etc. with large carpet area can get magnificent vinyl flooring at economical price using vinyl rolls.

Features Of Vinyl Rolls

Advanced technology has changed the vinyl flooring manufacturing processes making it more durable, realistic natural surfaces/design patterns and suitable for any areas from low to high traffic volumes. Many times, vinyl flooring made using modern technology is referred as resilient vinyl flooring. Most of the vinyl roll products today are resilient vinyl. Some other features of vinyl rolls are –

Finish Layers

Vinyl sheet/ rolls come in three main types of finish layers such as urethane and advanced urethane finish layers offering tough and robust flooring and the third finish layer is called ‘no wax’. This type of vinyl flooring is the most inexpensive product. All these three finishes offer stain and moisture resistance and other vinyl flooring properties. But, urethane and advanced urethane finishes standout in their scratch and stain resistance properties.

Backing Facilities

Vinyl sheet rolls come with two types of backing, fiberglass back and felt back. The fiberglass backing product is also known as loose lay vinyl flooring. These vinyl rolls offer greater stability and strength. The felt backing is very common in vinyl rolls and it provides cushioning effect, warm and comfortable underfoot feel.

Extreme Moisture Resistance

Vinyl sheet rolls are extremely moisture resistance as the flooring is in continuous form and there are no gaps or seepage which protects under floor from moisture damages.

Vinyl flooring rolls are therefore ideal to install at any place. They are budget-friendly, durable and provide excellent design options to get modern, stylish flooring. Vinflor provides the quality vinyl roll products and installation services for residential to commercial flooring requirements. Call us at 016-2165601 and we are here to do it.

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