Affordable Vinyl Sheet Flooring At Vinflor

When you go for vinyl flooring, there are immense varieties of designs, vinyl sheetpatterns and styles that certainly confuse homeowners. Besides these varieties, vinyl flooring products provide different alternatives like vinyl tiles, vinyl planks and vinyl sheets. The selection among these products depends on the flooring requirements and interior design concerns. However, if you have tight budget, vinyl sheet flooring is the best alternative. It is cost effective and offers plenty of design and pattern varieties for selection. Browse our collection of vinyl sheet flooring products and you will realize that vinyl sheet flooring is a great alternative to install vinyl flooring at your site.

What Is Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

Vinyl sheet is a large continuous piece of flooring that comes in the form of sheet. The size of sheet can be cut to fit your room size and dimensions. Vinyl sheets offer almost all styles and patterns like wood, stone, textured patterns that you get in tile and plank products. In fact, vinyl sheets offer plenty of alternatives that one cannot get in tiles and plank products. The structure of vinyl sheet includes five encapsulated layers which provide cost effective yet durable and stylish flooring options. These five layers include –

  1. Top finish layer made of polyurethane. This wear layer gives strength to the flooring and increases its durability.
  2. Texture layer provides real look and feel of stone, wood or other natural surfaces.
  3. The foam layer makes it sound proof.
  4. Fiberglass layer is devised to avoid cracking, curling or expansion and contraction of the sheet.
  5. Last comfort layer provides cushioning effect that gives warm and comfortable walking experience.

Benefits Of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Though there are advantages and disadvantages of every vinyl flooring products, vinyl sheets have some unique benefits that encourage homeowners or contractors to choose it. Here are some of the prominent benefits of vinyl sheet flooring –

  • Economical – Vinyl sheets are less expensive than plank or tile products because of mass production.
  • Random color patterns and designs – This is unique feature of vinyl sheets. It provides exclusive design creativity to manufacturers. Therefore, vinyl sheet products provide exclusive designs offering modern look and style. You will find terra cotta texture patterns, cedar, barn wood patterns to neutral stones, intricate patterns and even floral designs.
  • Advantages of seamless installation – As vinyl sheet installation is seamless, it has many benefits like –
    • It is completely moisture resistant and protects subfloor from damages thereof.
    • As there are no grouts or seams, it is microbial resistant.

Vinyl sheet flooring offers classic to modern style flooring and provides all other benefits offered by vinyl tile and plank flooring. It is durable, easy to clean and maintain. It brings plenty of alternatives that suit with a wide array of interiors. Installation of sheet flooring needs accurate measurement, skilled and experienced technicians. Call Vinflor at 016-2165601 for quality products and installation services. Just browse online store for the stunning variety of vinyl sheet products or call our executive for sample products, consultation and installation services.

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