Choose Wood Vinyl Sheet Flooring In Your Budget

Are you crazy about classic hardwood flooring? Though wood flooring steals sights, it is expensive and cannot be installed in high moisture level or certain climatic conditions. Vinyl flooring provides an excellent alternative for wood flooring. Now, it is possible to install vinyl wood flooring at any site or room in your home. Wood vinyl sheet flooring is the most popular flooring option in the industry. It provides many natural wood designs, patterns at reliable price. If you are looking for some classic or exotic wood sheet products, Vinflor is one of the leading wood vinyl sheet flooring services in Malaysia. We provide range of quality wood vinyl sheet products and installation services for you.

Traditional To Modern And Exotic Wood Flooring At Affordable Price

One of the great advantages of vinyl wood sheets is its seamless installation and continuous design patterns offering uniform and unique look. Wood vinyl sheet costs are less than vinyl tile and plank products. The sheets usually come in 6 to 12 feet widths. Wood sheets are suitable to install at any room including kitchen, bathroom, patios, basements etc. They are easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl wood sheets exactly replicate hundreds of natural wood patterns with advanced photographic technology.

Let Your Dreams Of Wood Flooring Come True With Wood Vinyl Sheets

The range of wood sheet products offers antique to contemporary flooring appearance. You can choose your favorite flooring alternative. The variety of wood vinyl sheet patterns includes Maple, Pine, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Elm, Oak etc. These patterns not only replicate the image but also provide textured surface offering realistic look and feel of wood flooring. Wood vinyl sheets provide different design categories like traditional, distressed wood and specialty or exotic wood designs. Some of the exotic wood designs include –

  • Barn wood pattern – It offers the natural look with exclusive textured surface. It brings knots and rough surface to give the authentic look and feel. These patterns provide excellent visual effects and experience like classic farmhouse with modern style.
  • Cedar – It is one of the popular patterns which bring traditional and distressed patterns of Cedars. These sheets provide typical Cedar flooring look along with modern flair.
  • Walnut – Walnut vinyl wood sheets come with a wide variety including Bolivian, Mediterranean etc. There are plenty of Walnut patterns for selection to match with different interiors. These sheets are also available in traditional and distressed styles.

Vinflor – The Right Place For Wood Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Wood vinyl sheets bring a treasure or realistic wood patterns and textures for wood flooring requirements. If you are confused choosing vinyl wood sheet flooring, you are welcome to Vinflor, the reputed and experienced vinyl flooring store. Our team of experienced technician is here to assist you in every stage of flooring right from estimating flooring expenses, choosing flooring alternative to installation services. Call us at 016-2165601 for comprehensive wood vinyl flooring services.

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