Affordable Vinyl Tile Flooring At VinFlor

Whatever style, pattern, modern or some natural flooring alternative you want to install at your site, vinyl tile flooring provides every style and look in your budget. Vinyl tiles are very popular flooring option as they easily suit for any interior or design ideas. There are plenty of stunning patterns and designs that encourage creativity to give a unique look and designs to your flooring. That is why, when it comes to flooring, vinyl tiles are recommended and preferred over other flooring alternatives. If you are looking for vinyl tile flooring products and services in Malaysia, Vinflor is a reputed name with its wide range of vinyl tile products and satisfactory services.

Vinyl Tile Flooring – Unlimited Designs, Patterns And Combinations

In addition to economical cost of vinyl tiles, one of the most fascinating features of vinyl tile flooring is boundless alternatives for selection. These tiles are durable and also come with wear layer which increase its durability. The average warranty for vinyl tiles is 15 years and for some tile products, there is lifetime warranty. It is interesting to see a wide range of vinyl tile products.

  • Look and appearance – Vinyl tiles mimic almost all natural flooring alternatives such as wood, stone, travertine, slate, marble etc. Some tiles come with linen, embossed or textured surfaces.
  • Versatile features – There are square edge, beveled edge tiles, water resistant and water proof tiles and some tiles are eco-friendly. These tiles come with different installation options like floating, peel and stick or glue down. While some tiles come with click locking feature.
  • Colors matching with different interiors – vinyl tiles offer different color like white, black, beige, gray, brown or natural colors that suit to a wide array of interiors/ exteriors.
  • Thickness, size and protection layers – You will find vinyl tiles with different sizes and thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 9 mm and above. The protection / wear layer also comes in 0.15 mm to 0.5mm and above.
  • Mix and match combinations – With a splendid variety of design and patterns, vinyl tiles facilitate any combination to give unique style and look. From checkers board to alternate or combination of different patterns provide creative and different flooring designs.

Vinyl tiles are suitable at any room or site. These tiles can be used in kitchen as any spills, stains can be cleaned easily. Water proof vinyl tiles are ideal for bathroom or wet areas.

The basic difference between vinyl plank and tile lies in its shape. Plank is rectangular and longer in length while tile is mostly square shaped. This feature of these flooring products reflects on aesthetics of the flooring. Vinyl wood planks offer the best look and appearance than vinyl wood tiles. That is why; vinyl wood planks are commonly installed when vinyl wood flooring is chosen.

Confused Choosing Vinyl Tile Flooring?

We are here to help you choose the best vinyl tile option for your home or commercial site. Vinflor has team of experienced technicians to consult you for any flooring queries. Our executive can help you choose the tile product suitable to your interior or we provide free estimates to get idea about flooring expenses at your site. You can call us at 016-2165601 for home visit to see vinyl tile samples and for consultation. Just call us and get consultation to installation services at one place.

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