Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring – Stylish, Cost-Effective And Long Lasting

Vinyl flooring products have certainly dominated the flooring product market offering natural look and appearance like wood, stone etc. They are cost effective and eliminate limitations of natural products. However, if you want the real natural look and feel like graining of real hardwood or textured patterns like stone, it is served by the unique vinyl product known as luxury vinyl tiles. If you are looking for stylish, spectacular and long lasting flooring at your site, choose luxury vinyl tile flooring or simply known as LVT flooring. Vinflor brings a range of luxury vinyl tiles with the exact real natural wood or stone patterns for you.

Get To Know Why Luxury Vinyl Tiles Are Unique Products

The luxury vinyl tiles use advanced photographic technologies and processes. These technologies enable to replicate the realistic look and features of wood, stone in the vinyl tiles. These tiles are made of four different layers such as –

  • Strong vinyl backing
  • Color layer
  • Photographic film layer
  • And top layer of urethane or aluminum oxide

The top layer is also known as wear layer or mil layer. There can be up to 40 wear layers. All commercial products come with 20 or more wear layers. Tiles with less than 20 wear layers are preferred for residential or low traffic area flooring.

Choose Stylish Yet Long Lasting Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles possess all features offered by vinyl tiles and planks like durability, water resistance, stain, scratch resistance, low and easy maintenance etc. Besides these features, these tiles offer many other features/benefits like –

  • They offer amazing realistic look and appearance. LVTs provide excellent embossing features that offer realistic wooden look.
  • LVT using 100% vinyl materials are eco-friendly and can be used for green buildings.
  • There is a wide range of sizes, shapes and patterns available for selection of LVT flooring.
  • LVT offer many safety features essential for commercial usage like inflammability features, slip resistance etc.
  • LVT flooring offers comfortable warm feel. These tiles are ideal for installation in almost all rooms or areas in home.
  • These tiles provide light cushioning effect which gives a bouncy and comfortable sensation.

Apart from these features, luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable. They usually come with the warranties of 20-25 years. Luxury tiles are dent and abrasion resistant. The installation of LVT designs with or without grout gives different look to flooring. Despite of these features, LVTs are cost effective. Therefore, they are widely preferred in residential to commercial applications.

Vinflor For Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

We understand all your flooring concerns very well. As an experienced player in flooring industry in Malaysia, we have offered LVT flooring, other vinyl flooring products and services to our thousands of customers. Our team of expert technicians offers consultancy, free estimates, installation and other services as per your requirements. Just browse our online collection to choose LVT flooring product or call our executive to watch sample products at your site. Call us at 016-2165601 to book the appointment for home visit.

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