Vinflor For Comprehensive Vinyl Wood Flooring Services

Wood flooring certainly attracts visitors with its royal and aesthetic beauty. But natural wood flooring has many restrictions like environmental concerns, cost, maintenance and the site. Vinyl wood flooring is really fantastic alternative to overcome all these restrictions and get the charm of wood flooring at any site. Vinflor is a complete vinyl flooring services offering a wide range of vinyl wood flooring products. Get your dreams of wood flooring come true within your budget at Vinflor.

Vinflor sample - Vinyl wood flooring Malaysia

Vinflor sample – Vinyl wood flooring Malaysia

Why Vinyl Wood Flooring?

There are several reasons for why vinyl wood flooring is preferred by constructors, homeowners and others. It offers the exact look and appearance that you get from natural wood flooring. This is the most enchanting feature of wood vinyl flooring. Some other prominent reasons include –

  • Price – Natural wood / hardwood flooring is expensive as compared to vinyl flooring. Especially, exotic or rare wood flooring products are very expensive. Instead of spending huge money on wood flooring, vinyl wood flooring offers any pattern and color you love at reasonable price. It reduces your flooring cost remarkably.
  • Limitless options for selections – The modern printing technology provides the perfect designs and patterns replicating natural wood flooring. It offers splendid variety to choose the most suitable color and design pattern for any home interior or commercial place.
  • Durability – It is one of the important features of vinyl wood flooring. It lasts over 20 years if it is well maintained and cleaned regularly.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance – Just sweep or wash the flooring once or twice in a week as per use or traffic at the site to keep flooring clean. That’s it. It doesn’t need any maintenance as such besides cleaning operations.
  • Dirt and water resistant – The water and slip resistance feature of vinyl wood flooring make it suitable for watery places like bathroom, toilet or patios around.

All these features and decent look make it ideal for residential as well as commercial flooring.

Vinflor – A Leading Vinyl Wood Flooring Services In Malaysia

When it comes to the flooring, many homeowners like to have wood flooring. However, it is not possible because of climatic restrictions and expenses. Vinyl flooring offers a solid solution in such situations. Vinflor is a leading vinyl flooring services in Malaysia. We have team of experienced technicians offering comprehensive vinyl wood flooring services. We provide free estimates beforehand to get an idea of flooring expenses to our customers. Our dedicated experts provide quality installation services. There is a range of natural colors, patterns and designs of vinyl flooring to choose your dream wood flooring at affordable cost. Browse our online store to order one. Or ask for sample products and our executives will visit your site with product samples. Call us at 016-2165601 for free home visit for estimates or consultation.

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